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Technology Supported

Webcasting is ideal for...

  • AGM & Quarterly Meetings

  • Investment Conferences

  • Web Seminars & Training

  • eLearning

  • Press Conferences

  • Product Launches

  • Employee Communications

  • Sales & Marketing

...simple business communications

What Is It?

W2TSM™ is an innovative way to do "live" OUTDOOR or INDOOR on demand Videoconferencing or Webcasting within any major city in Canada without having to install costly "hardwire" network connections.

Videoconference Solutions Inc. (VSI)
is the first Canadian company to offer this service.

What Do I Need?

VSI provides all the necessary equipment for LIVE broadcast. Our unique truck mount system provides all power and network connectivity. W2TSM™ comes with a standards based Videoconference System as well as a standards based Windows Media Encoder capable of up to 320x240 “live” stream c/w Stereo audio.

How Does It Work?

If you have a live outdoor event such as weddings, festivals, new housing development grand opening, golf events, parties in the park, birthday/anniversary in the back yard~ VSI can provide the needed connectivity to make your event a memorable one. Our service does not rely on LOS (line of sight) but rather LIS (low impedance service) that is best suited at about 6’ off the ground.

What Is The Lead Time For This Service?

Usually 48 hours. A physical address must be given to where the event is to take place, and VSI will verify bandwidth that will be available for this broadcast.

How Many People Can Attend?

At the broadcast location (live event), it is only limited to the number of cameras, microphones and any other audio visual needs. For the participants at the remote end, VSI can bridge up to 40 sites through Videoconference, or over 1000 Webcast participants.

What Is The Cost?

The cost is determined by what is required. Here is an example.

Golf course designer ZXY Corporation wishes to show its counterparts in Vancouver, Calgary & Halifax its new Caledon OUTDOOR launch of “Golfing in Caledon”. The event is scheduled at 6pm EST. W2TSM™ would come on location prior to event (24-48 hours prior) and ensure connectivity to LIS POP. A live “stream” would be sent to each location, and that location can interact back via text/phone or videoconference to the event producer to get immediate response. Price for a 2 hour Webcast of video, audio and data, plus archive of event in Windows Media Format™ (less any external AV production) would be estimated at $950.00 Canadian.

What If I Needed A Full Production?

With our 19 years of experience in the A/V industry, VSI can provide references to tier one production companies. These companies have national presence, and can do events for as little as 10 to full blown production for thousands. If you wish for VSI to handle the full event, we can do it and price accordingly.

I Have An Event Coming Up Next Week, Who Do I Call?

One simple telephone number does it all. That number is 1-866-8VIDEO2. (1-866-884-3362). You can also send an email to [email protected]

What About The Fine Print?

VSI requires a 50% deposit on all events prior to site survey. Deposit can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Certified Company Cheque. If it is found that network(s) will NOT support event, VSI will offer the client alternatives, or not move forward with the event. If client cancels show 24 hours or less prior to live event, a charge of 80% of total show will be assumed. VSI is not responsible for network, electrical and other unforeseen issues beyond its control. VSI is a 100% Canadian owned company.


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