Webcaster Pro™ works on all Windows based machines

Webcast audio and video via Flash™ & Windows Media™

Live chat, database of registrants, Powerpoint slides, Webcast link and more...

Full turnkey solutions based on every clients specific needs

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Our solution is simple. Welcome2TheShow™ believes in simplified access to Webcasting services.

At Welcome2TheShow™ we offer a full turnkey solution based on each and every clients specific needs.  Private URL for the Webcast is provided on a “per event” basis, or on a permanent basis. With the creation of this URL, W2TS provides full registration services in multiple languages, and all administration for the site (ie: live chat questions, database of registrants, link for Webcast page, etc) is included in the cost of the site creation.  Administration is secure, and only the administrator for the Webcast is given access to this information.